The FLUVIAL-12 mathematical model is an erodible-boundary model that simulates interrelated changes in channel bed profile, channel width and bed topography.  The model requires an input hydrograph(s), channel bed material composition, and channel cross-sectional data similar to that used in HEC-2.  


For a detailed description of the FLUVIAL-12 model, download the User’s Manual:


FLUVIAL-12 User's Manual



For video demonstrations of the FLUVIAL-12 model, select of the following:


          Miller Creek


          San Dieguito River



For a demonstration version of the model, download the instructional program.  The instructional program only allows up to eleven channel cross-sections to be modeled.  This is sufficient to illustrate the capabilities of the model.  However, it is not sufficient for performing engineering design.


FLUVIAL-12 Instructional Program (Executable DOS Program)



The following are sample input data files that can be used with the demo program:


sample1.dat – Santa Cruz River with curved channel, soil cement bank protection, and grade control structure, Tucson, Arizona


sample2.dat – Escondido Creek with proposed bridge, Encinitas, California


sample3.dat – Little Kansas River, Kansas


sample4.dat – San Dieguito River, San Diego, California


sample5.dat – Upper San Diego River scour prediction at road crossing, San Diego, California


sample6.dat – Otay River scour prediction at pipeline crossing, Chula Vista, California


sample7.dat – Santa Cruz River showing lateral channel migration, Tucson, Arizona


sample8.dat – Fall River, Colorado


sample9.dat – Santa Cruz River showing lateral channel migration, Tucson, Arizona



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